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Pamaco Management

Pamaco is a management company that is engaged in the business of managing age management medical practices and is contracted to perform those services for Physicians Age Management Center, PLLC. Pamaco is not itself a professional corporation and does not provide medical services, instead it provides the professional management, administration, financial reporting, tax administration, purchasing, IT, marketing and other administrative and backroom functions required to run multiple site aged management practices. Pamaco provides an operating business model that actually creates profitable Age Management practices. It provides the back-office support that allows physicians to concentrate on providing medical services to their clients. This allows practices to take advantage of economies of scale in lowering their costs and also frees physicians from burdensome administrative duties. While this can make practices more profitable with their existing patients, the key advantage Pamaco offers is the ability to help drive revenue by marketing on a scale that a single practice could not hope to do. However, the real advantage is that Pamaco can offer is to drive revenue through branding and to increase value of practices through a kind of consolidation of resources. Pamaco was founded by Stephen P Conway and Michael Glover.

Stephen P Conway, CEO

Mr. Conway has over 40 years' experience in developing and operating multi-unit chains of independent and franchised businesses in many fields from hospitality to healthcare to real estate. Mr. Conway has extensive experience in investment banking including private placements, restructures, recapitalizations, and private equity. Mr. Conway is Chairmen and CEO of Raleigh based Lucor Inc, which operates 175 locations in seven states with 1600 employees and generates $90 Million in Revenue. Lucor began as a portfolio company in 1986 with less than $1.5 Million in Revenue as a portfolio company under CFA, a financial services organization, he established in 1980. Mr. Conway has a unique combination of experiences in management, retail and finance.

Michael Glover, Vice President of Operations and Marketing

Mr. Glover has served professionally for more than 25 years as Operations and Regional Director for privately owned, publicly funded and nationally based community, home and clinic based health care companies serving persons with Mental Health/ Developmental Disabilities and medically disabled home health care patients in both outpatient and inpatient environments. Mr. Glover has also owned and operated a medical practice management company for Age Management/HRT practices. Mr. Glover has extensive experience with HR, IT, Advertising, Payroll, Accounting, Policy and Procedure, Medical Protocol, PR and daily operations.

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I am playing with guys that are 10 years younger than me.  My recovery time from workouts I can go in 6 days a week instead of 4.

-John V's Story, age 42
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It was like turning on a switch that just started moving everything backwards. I just started doing it for a year now. I’ve lost 26 pounds, 2 belt sizes, I’m back in the gym, working out


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