Iron Deficiency Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

Having an iron deficiency is very common. In fact, it has been reported as the top nutritional disorder in the world according to the World Health Organization. They reported that in 2016 nearly 80 percent of people didn't have enough iron in their bodies and that about 30 percent of people had anemia due to their untreated or undiagnosed iron deficiency.

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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea

When you think of a dandelion, a bright yellow weed or a white flower that you blow into the wind might come to mind. Many may not know that you can eat dandelions and that they can provide you with many amazing health benefits.

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Health Benefits of Kale

We've all heard about the trending popularity of kale, the leafy green superfood often found in green juice, smoothies, and salads - and the truth is that kale is one of the healthiest things you can eat.

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6 Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

As we age we start to feel more sluggish, fatigued, less motivated - we have less energy and become tired easier. These things can be caused by stress at work or lack of sleep. However, they can also be from an underlying cause such as hormonal imbalance.

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I had back problems alot in my 40's knock on wood I have not had it in the last 4 or 5 years, and thats the time i have been doing hormone Replacement therapy.

-Tim V's Story, Age 51
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Since starting my hormone replacement therapy at Physicians Age Management Centers I have less mood swings, MUCH LESS IRRITABILITY, ANXIETY and DEPRESSIVE FEELINGS! An increased libido has improved my sex life with my husband. My


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