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Interval Training

Interval training is the best way to improve fitness. It involves a 5- minute warm-up period at the beginning and a 5- minute cool-down period at the end. In between, you alternate between short periods of intense activity. Periods of intense activity may run anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 minutes. They’re followed by short periods of recovery, which typically last 2 to 3 minutes in duration.

A common mistake is not slowing down enough during the slow periods to let your heart recover. Unlike other forms of cardiovascular activity, interval training shouldn’t be done on consecutive days. If you want to do interval training, its best to work with a trained instructor such as an exercise specialist. You also may want to make an appointment with your doctor, who can order a treadmill stress test to determine your target heart rate. In addition, your doctor or a personal trainer can help determine which activities to perform during the fast and slow periods. You shouldn’t exercise at or near your maximum heart rate.

Peak 8 Fitness is a type of Interval Training. This entails warming up on a bike or elliptical for 2-3 minutes. Then perform 30-second-high intensity interval with 90 second recovery & repeat 8 times. The benefits of this kind of workout are it: Decreases Body Fat, dramatically improves muscle tone, firms your skin and reduces wrinkles, boosts your energy and sexual desire, improves athletic speed and performance. This can also be done with biking, walking or jogging outside.

Being on HRT gives you the energy to withstand Interval training workouts. HRT and exercise helps with focus, better sleep and mood.


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