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How Hormone Imbalance can Affect your Sleep

Having a hormonal imbalance can cause many problems ranging from weight gain, loss of lean muscle mass, loss of sex drive and fatigue to causing changes in your sleep patterns. We need sleep just as much as we need air, food and water. It’s essential for us to function on a daily basis. When we sleep, our bodies are busy working to repair what ails us physically, and providing for our mental health.

Some people have trouble turning their mind off, others suffer from stress and anxiety which keeps them awake, and others simply are aging which can cause changes in sleep patterns. Sometimes caused from menopause in women or low testosterone in men, sleep deprivation can cause many symptoms including dark circles and bags under your eyes, sore muscles, memory loss, slow cognitive function, poor motor skills and slow reaction time, weight gain, weakened immune system, blurry vision, skin breakouts, headaches, mood swings, stress, anxiety and depression.

Over time, sleep deprivation may lead to the development of chronic illnesses and problems with our body’s Immune system, central nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system and our cardiovascular system. Untreated, lack of sleep can also result in chronic pain like fibromyalgia.

Getting a good night of sleep regularly is important for overall health and well-being. A one thing you can do to get a better night’s sleep is create a sleep schedule and stick to it by getting into bed around the same time every night. Another good thing to do to improve sleep is to cut off screen time early in the evening and give yourself enough time before bed to let your eyes relax and avoid any screen, including your phone. You can also create a relaxing environment by reading before bed, drinking tea, taking a warm shower or bath, lighting a lavender candle, meditating or listening to soothing music. Exercising regularly and eating a healthy rounded diet low in added sugar can help improve sleep patterns as well. However, you may try all of these tricks and still have trouble sleeping due to a hormonal imbalance.

If your sleep patterns do not improve, call your doctor and ask about a hormone test. At Physicians Age Management Centers we can help you find a solution to better sleep and better health. It’s what we do every day, and our specialty. Take our hormone test for Men or Women today or call the office for a free consultation at 844.440.8444.


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