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How Low T can Affect Your Sex Life

As men age, they naturally begin to lose testosterone. Typically, this happens after the age of 40, however many men suffer from low T without ever realizing that something's wrong. Symptoms of low T can include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatigue, and/or high blood pressure. Common warning signs also include low sex drive or lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

A patient at Physician's Age Management centers suffered from the symptoms of low T without even knowing it. He explained his experience saying that "In my late forties, I began to notice subtle changes in myself that were increasingly concerning to me. I had become moody, easily frustrated, less tolerant in dealing with everyday stress and sleep had become something that was more and more inconsistent nightly. As someone who had been physically active all of my life, I found it more difficult to do those things that for years I had enjoyed. Working in the yard, kayaking, regular walks, working out and spontaneously participating in activities with my wife. I was constantly tired, choosing to sit in my chair at night and wait for the time to get to bed, hoping that tonight would be that night that I found a good night’s sleep. I had these experiences and felt this way for three years."

At Physician's Age Management Centers, we can treat low T with hormone replacement therapy. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a treatment option that incorporates individualized doses of hormones that emulate nearly identically those each patient had as a younger man. We utilize only Bio Natural Hormones that are safer and more effective, but while still being hormones which the brain fully recognizes - allowing the body to restore itself to its previous, vital state.

After receiving treatment for low T at our clinic, the same patient as above went on to say,"We found Dr. William Grant and Physicians Age Management Center of Raleigh. Through the careful diagnosis and treatment by Dr. Grant and the staff at PAMC I am excited to say I have my life back! Dr. Grant diagnosed my problem as Low testosterone. A very common occurrence for men over the age of 40. With treatment of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, I have new found energy, improved mood (which my wife loves!), I sleep better and have recovered my zest for life!" This is just one of many patients who has seen the benefits of HRT and testosterone therapy help his relationship and overall well-being. In his words, he "recovered my zest for life."

At Physicians Age Management Centers we want to help you understand the benefits of hormone replacement therapy. It’s what we do every day and our specialty. We provide our patients with a proactive, preventative approach to healthcare for an aging population focused on preservation of optimum human function and quality of life. If you’re interested in taking control of your life, take our hormone test or request a free consultation today.

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I had servere hot flashes. I found Hormone Replacement Therapy at Physican's Age Mangement and it has changed my life.

-Dolores H's Story, age 55
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Four years ago at 48, I suffered from severe fibromyalgia. I was seeing multiple doctors, taking multiple medications for the symptoms, with very little relief. A friend recommended HRT. At first I was very skeptical,


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