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Any person seeking treatment must undergo a complete family medical history, a personal medical history, a full exam along with comprehensive labs before being treated. We do not proceed with treatment if any risk factors are discovered. PAMC uses only plant-based compounds for hormone therapy, combined with closely monitored physician supervised programs. All services are provided and managed by a licensed Medical Doctor and/or Mid Level Practitioner.

Please beware of internet anti-aging sites that simply send you to an urgent care doctor to then have an unqualified physician, or physician’s assistant, prescribe treatment and hormones to you. If these people are not properly trained, specifically in Age Management, you should consider going elsewhere.

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I had servere hot flashes. I found Hormone Replacement Therapy at Physican's Age Mangement and it has changed my life.

-Dolores H's Story, age 55
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As a very active female adult I never thought much about menopause, or as my Mother’s generation called it “the change of life.” Hearing menopause referred to as “the change of life” I thought was somewhat


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