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Treatment Options Overview of Bio Natural HRT

At the core of our Hormone Replacement Therapy at Physician's Age Management Centers, PLLC is a commitment to best practice models of science and medicine, with the goal of helping each patient achieve optimal health, vitality and well being . "Whole person" review and assessment allows us to understand you, and your specific needs and goals, and provides the springboard for a healthy journey of recovery and wellness.

At Physician's Age Management Centers we utilize only Bio Natural Hormones in our practice. Not only are they safer and more effective, but they are hormones which the brain fully recognizes and allow the body to restore itself to its previous, vital state.

Bio Natural Hormones are compounds which are manufactured in the lab to have the exact same chemical and molecular structure as the hormones that are produced in the human body. Though any hormone can be made to be "bio-natural", the term is most often used to describe formulations containing estrogens, progesterone and androgens (testosterone). Symptoms of hormonal imbalance of testosterone in men include loss of muscle, weight fluctuation, decreased libido, depression, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, lack of focus and joint pain. For women, symptoms of hormonal imbalance of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone include depression, hot flashes, night sweats, severe migraines, fatigue, mental fogginess, mood swings, anxiety, decreased libido and insomnia.

The history of Bio Natural Hormones dates to the 1930's in the United States, and still many Physician's remain unfamiliar with them. At Physician's Age Management Centers, it is what we specialize in for our practice. We are not serving patients as a "side" business. Bio Natural HRT IS our specialty.

At Physician's Age Management Centers, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is practiced as medicine and science with service at its core. We believe that treating each patient is a unique and individualized process, not a "one size fits all" format. We have developed an extensive and detailed evaluation process for patients that include blood work, medical history and physical, and an interview process with our practitioners to determine if treatment is indicated, and which delivery system or Treatment Option is right for each patient.

Physician's Age Management Centers has researched and developed medical guidelines to ensure quality patient care and outcomes. An outgrowth of our research and treatment of patients over time has provided us with knowledge of, and necessity for, use of varied Treatment Options for our patients. Each allows for unique delivery systems, but with similar outcomes. The variance, or "option" of the delivery system utilized for the patient will be discussed with you by our clinicians, but whichever delivery system is used, you can expect symptom relief from your hormonal imbalance.

Treatment Options

At PAMC we utilize four treatment options for our patients: Pellets, Injectables, Creams (Transdermals) and Capsules (Oral). Each is unique in its process.

Pellet Therapy

This long lasting treatment option is easy and convenient. Instead of dealing with daily or weekly pills, creams or injections, the patient meets with the practioner every three to four months for their "insertion" of Testosterone or Estrogen Bio Natural Hormone pellets. During a simple and quick in office procedure, tiny pellets are inserted into the buttock area. The small incision site needed for the insertion is covered by a small bandage afterward, with no suture required. The pellets release small amounts of the hormone needed by the body over time, so that hormone levels remain constant without highs and lows. After each procedure your clinician will monitor your levels via periodic blood levels and interviews. If needed, dosing adjustments are made to ensure symptom relief is maintained with optimal hormone levels. Most patients see symptom relief over the first two weeks on this treatment.


Compounded Testosterone, in either Cypionate or Enanthate form are made by "Depot" drug formulation. This creates a slow release of the testosterone and allows a prolonged action. Injections are often given weekly or may be given at smaller doses twice per week to reduce peaks levels and ensure a consistent level is sustained. Typically, the injection site is the buttock area. Symptom relief by injection is usually seen rapidly by the patient. Patients are evaluated periodically for symptom relief through blood levels evaluation of testosterone and interview.

Creams (Transdermals)

Creams or transdermals are a treatment option that allows for the hormones to be delivered through the skin. Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone are all available in transdermal form. Transdermal hormones are applied directly to the skin. They are typically used daily in small doses that allow for avoidance of peaks and valleys of hormone levels. Transdermal application is a convenient and effective treatment option for those patients with an aversion to needles and insertions. Special care must be taken with transdermals when used, as they are easily transferred with a partner. Caution must be used with transdermals when physically interacting with children.

Oral (Capsules and Pills)

Oral treatment options are available for bio natural hormones at Physician's Age Management Centers for Progesterone and Armour Thyroid. Testosterone and Estrogen are NEVER given at Physician's Age Management Centers in oral form. Oral delivery of testosterone and estrogen pass through the liver before entering the bloodstream. This allows for greater risk of blood clotting and stroke, even if the hormone is bio natural. Progesterone in pill and Troche (dissolved under the tongue) form are used to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, painful or tender breasts, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain and headaches among other symptoms. Armour Thyroid, a bio natural, is used to treat patients with hypothyroidism. The thyroid secretes several hormones (T-3 and T-4) and its inability to function as intended decreases valuable hormones to the body. Symptoms related to hypothyroidism include an inability to lose weight, sleep disruption, fatigue, muscle weakness, thinning hair and depression.

Choosing the treatment option right for you at Physician's Age Management Centers is our focus. Outcomes that achieve symptom relief and improve your health and well being are always our goal. Call us for additional information to see how we at Physician's Age Management Centers can help get your life back on track through Bio Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Treatment Questions

"How did I get here, and why do I feel so bad?"

As men and women enter into their later 30's and 40's, the youthful high levels of hormones begin to wane. Testosterone for men, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone for women, are all in a state of gradual decline. Symptoms begin to show themselves slowly for most as hormone levels decline, then are more prevalent and continuous as we age. If you are a woman who has had a hysterectomy, the loss may be sudden and the symptoms more dramatic.

With this natural decline in testosterone for men, common symptoms are weight fluctuation, loss of muscle mass, decreased energy and stamina, increased anxiety and stress, difficulty focusing, joint pain, erectile dysfunction, decrease libido and depression. For women, symptoms of low testosterone of depression, hot flashes, night sweats, migraines, mood swings, poor sleep and a decreased libido may also occur. A decrease or loss of the hormones of Estrogen and/or Progesterone may also be a cause for these symptoms in women.

"Is there a treatment that will work for me?"

At Physician's Age Management Centers, we recognize the need for treatment that meets the needs for symptom relief of each individual. This is accomplished with a thorough medical evaluation by our medical team, including medical history, blood level assessment, symptom identification and severity, lifestyle assessment and family medical history. From this evaluation your specialized and patient specific treatment plan will be developed. Following the medical evaluation, treatment options will be discussed with you that meet your specific needs. Additionally, all of outpatients are coached in healthy lifestyle changes with a diet and exercise plan that meets their individual goals and healthcare needs.

"What are my treatment options?"

First, Physician's Age Management Centers uses only Bio Natural Hormones in our medical practices. Bio Natural Hormones are compounded, using natural ingredients that closely mimic those hormones naturally produced in our bodies. The delivery systems, or treatment options, available for hormone replacement consist of creams, pellets, injections, troches and capsules. The type of delivery system or treatment option you choose is a matter of preference to the individual patient. All of the treatment options will be discussed with you at your medical assessment to help you determine which the right is one for you and it can change over the course of treatment.


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