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Weight Management & HRT

A question we hear frequently in our practice is "will hormone replacement therapy  help me lose weight?" The answer is both yes, and no. When hormones are depleted, or out of balance, we can experience less energy and sluggishness, which may lead to less exercise and resulting weight gain. HRT, in combination with quality dietary choices and regular exercise, provides a basis for weight loss, weight management and overall improved health. HRT alone, without corresponding lifestyle changes, does not provide significant opportunity for weight loss. However, balancing hormones can significantly improve your ability to lose weight!

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

As both men and women age, we experience a natural decrease in testosterone levels. This can begin as early as our 30's and early 40's. With this reduction in Testosterone come symptoms of poor concentration and focus, loss of energy and poor sleep. Muscle loss, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, loss of strength, loss of libido and depression are other common signs of lower Testosterone levels. Today, there are more than 4 million men who suffer symptoms related to low Testosterone. There are similar numbers of women who share this issue with men, and the numbers are growing daily. With the loss of Testosterone in both men and women, it is common to see weight gain occur, most frequently as "central weight gain", that weight that collects at our belly, also known as the "middle aged spread. Replacing Testosterone can improve many of these bothersome symptoms, especially increasing muscle tone and definition, reducing central weight gain, improving aches and pains, and restoring an overall feeling of wellness.

Testosterone is generally thought of as the "male" hormone. While it is true that men have significantly higher levels of testosterone than women, it is crucial to remember that women also need Testosterone. Remember how you felt in your 20's and 30's? It is likely your higher Testosterone levels that made you feel that way. It helps with increasing your energy levels, helps your muscles look more defined and toned, and even helps prevent bone loss!

Testosterone is also necessary to prevent loss of libido in both men and women. Again, think back to your 20's and early 30's. As we age and our Testosterone naturally falls, our libido unfortunately falls with it. Supplementing with Testosterone can significantly improve your quality of life, and can even save relationships.

Use of Hormones in Weight Management

At Physicians Age Management Centers we believe that the use of BioNatural Hormones is instrumental in balancing not only your hormones, but are a precursor leading to lifestyle changes for overall improved health and well being. There are three primary hormones that the medical team evaluates in the treatment of women: Testosterone, Estradiol and Progesterone.

All three must be in balance in order to achieve the best outcomes in weight management and symptom relief. Hormone levels are determined through blood testing. When hormones have been "optimized" specific to each patient, lifestyle changes including exercise, and nutritional changes are developed and added to the treatment plan. This allows female patients to recapture their enthusiasm for life, happiness and wellness. With hormones optimized, each individual patient is motivated to break bad eating habits and empowered to make healthy nutritional and exercise choices. Only then one can achieve his or her goals for permanent weight loss/management.

Hormones and Lifestyle

Physicians Age Management Centers promote lifestyle changes in combination with HRT to achieve optimal health and vigor. Lifestyle changes should include regular exercise that includes aerobic movement that elevates the heart rate, resistance training, healthy food choices, not smoking and getting adequate restful sleep. We believe, with these lifestyle dedication points achieved, your health and life will improve in great measure for years to come. As our body begins to respond to optimum hormones and steady progress with health individualized natural food and exercise plan, inches melt from the waist and hips and muscle tone and definition improves without "dieting".

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I felt like my quality of life had changed quite a bit. I feel better than I ever thought I would being almost 55 now...

-Marilyn V's Story, Age 55
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Four years ago at 48, I suffered from severe fibromyalgia. I was seeing multiple doctors, taking multiple medications for the symptoms, with very little relief. A friend recommended HRT. At first I was very skeptical,


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